Lectures and Workshop(Organizer/Chair)



Webinar in Number Theory   2022 French-Korean IRL in Mathematics, meeting  on   the first and 3rd Monday of every month from 5 pm (Korean time) start from Feb 7, 2022 ( has been started from May 3, 2021), Organized by  L. Berger(ENS de Lyon), Y. Choie (POSTECH), B. Im (KAIST)


January 13, 2021: 10 am-noon (Korean time) speaker: Prof. Min Lee ( Prof at U of Bristol)  Title:  APPLICATIONS OF THE KUZNETSOV TRACE FORMULA: MOMENTS OF RANKIN-SELBERG L-FUNCTIONS

January 20, 2021: 10 am-noon (Korean time) speaker: Dr. Serin Hong (a postdoc assistant professor at University of Michigan) Title: Classification theorems for vector bundles on the Fargues-Fontaine curve

February 3, 2021 : 10 am-noon (Korean time))speaker: Dr. Jinyoung Park (a postdoctoral member at IAS, Princeton) Title: INTRODUCTION TO RANDOM GRAPHS, AND SOME RECENT RESULTS ON THRESHOLD

  • Chair of Organizing committee, 2020 Korean Mathematical Society Annual meeting ( Spring ), online,  Korea 20200703
  • Local Organizer, Annual Number Theory Workshop in Korea, POSTECH, Pohang 20200131-20200201
  • Scientific Committee Member,  PAN ASIA NUMBER THEORY CONFERENCE, RIMS KYOTO JAPAN 20200712-20200717
  • Chair of Organizing committee, 2019 Korean Mathematical Society Annual Meeting ( Fall), Hongick University, Seoul, Korea 20191024-20191026
  • Scientific Committee Member, The international conference on number theory at HIT , Chian,  July 18-20, 2019;   http://hitnt.hit.edu.cn
  • Chair of Organizing committee, 2019 Korean Mathematical Society Annual meeting (Spring), Kangwon University, Chuncheon, Korea 20190419-20190420
  • Organizer, Intensive BRL-PMI Lecture series, Three lectures on “Borcherds products, Green functions, and their CM values” by Jan Bruinier (TU Darmstadt) and Three lectures on “Modular forms of half-integral weight: old and new results” Winfried Kohnen (Univ. of Heidelberg) 20190602-20190603
  • Organizer, 10 lectures on “Langlands conjecture and L-functions” by Solomon Friedberg and Lei Zhang, Math Build 404 at POSTECH, Pohang, Korea Feb 11-14, 2019 htto://pmi.postech.ac.kr 
  • Scientific Committee member of the Joint meeting of KMS-DMU, Coex, Seoul, Korea, 20181003-20181006
  • Organizer (with B. Im and B. Oh)  of Special Sessions on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics, the Joint meeting of KMS-DMU, Coex, Seoul, Korea, 20181003-20181006
  • Scientific committee member, Pan Asia Number Theory Conference 2018(25 29 Jun 2018), National University of Singapore, Singapore, Scientific Committee member
  • Organizer (with  B. Im and B. Oh), Satellite Conference on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics, Oct. 3 (Wed), Seoul National University
  • Organizer, The International Conference for the 70th Anniversary of KMS, SNU, Seoul, Korea, Oct 22, 2016
  • Organizer, The second French-Korea Conference, Bordeux, France, 2016070420160712
  • Organizer, 2016 PANT in Taiwan, 20160711-20160715
  • Organizer with Winnie Li, 2016 NCTS-PMI Number Theory Workshop, POSTECH, Pohang Korea, 20160606-20160608
  • Organizer: D Zagier (13 lectures):  5 lectures on ”Partitions and Modular forms” April 3,4(2 hours),7,17,  2 lectures on ”Mirror symmetry, Gamma class and modular forms”, April 23,  POSETCH Colloquium: (I) Zeta functions of Euler and Riemann; (II) Multiple zeta values from Euler to String theory”, May 1,,  4 lectures (One day workshop) on ”Differential equations and periods of modular forms”, 20150502
  • Organizer, J-P Serre (6 lectures), POSTECH, Pohang Korea, 20150302-20150313   (a) A chapter in finite group theory(100 min, 20150304)                                            (b) Modular form mod 2(60 min, 20150306)                                                           (c) Cohomological invariants and Trace forms, II I( 20150310, 20150312)       (d) Representations of finite groups: a review (POSTECH Math Colloquium, 20150313)                                                                                                                         (e) Organizer, H. Furusho(Nagoya University), p-adic Multiple Zeta values,  POSTECH 20150103-20150108
  • Organizer, NCTS PMI joint workshop, Shinju, Taiwan 20141221-20141223
  • Organizer, Automorphic forms and Arithmetic, 2014 ICM Satellite conference, POSTECH, Korea, 20140825-20140828
  • Local Organizer, International Congress Mathematics, Seoul, Korea, 2014081320140826
  • Local Organizer, International Women congress Mathematics, Seoul, Korea, 20140811-20140814
  • Organizer, Pan Asia Number Theory Conference, POSTECH, Scientific Committee member, 20140805-20140810
  • Organizer, Applications of Automorphic forms in Number Theory, International Workshop, POSTECH, 2014412-2014415
  • Organizer and Invited Speaker, Number Theory Festival, to honor of Prof Jakyung Koo, KAIST, Korea, 20140222-20140222
  • Organizer, POSTECH Summer School Intensive Workshop on Fermat’s Last Theorem, POSTECH, Korea, 20130705-20130711
  • Organizer, Special Session (Number Theory) Organizer, Asian Congress Mathematics, Coex, Pusan, Korea, 20130630-20130704
  • Organizer,  2013 Pan Asian Number Theory Conference 2013, Hanoi, Vietnam, Scientific committee member, 20130722-20130726
  • Organizer PMI Workshop of Mathematics, Pohang, Korea 2013 2013052220130524
  • Organizer, 2013 Spring POSTECH Number Theory International Workshop (Main Speakers: Darmon, Bruinier, Kohnen, Matsumoto), POSTECH, Korea 20130307-20130308
  • Organizer (with Jeehoon Park), 2013 POSTECH Winterschool, P-adic motive and p-adic modular form, 20130111-20130118, POSTECH, Pohang
  •  Organizer with ( J.Coates, M.Kato and B. NGO and 5 more), The 5th PANT(Pan Asia Number Theory ), Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, 20120723-20120727
  • Organizer (with Yunseo. Choi), KIAS-POSTECH Workshop-L function, POSTECH, 20120611-20120614
  • Organizer ( with Jeehoon Park), Ilju School (International Summer School) Automorphic forms and Iwasawa Theory, POSTECH, Pohang, (Participant 60) 20120702-20120706
  • Organizer, Mock modular forms and Mock Jacobi forms, D Zagier 2012040120120430
  • Organizer ( with J Koo and M. Kim), The first Number Theory Festival, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea, 20120224-20120226
  • Organizer, POSTECH 2012 International Winter School-BSD conjecture, POSTECH, Korea, 20120108-20120117
  • Organizer with ( J.Coates, M.Kato and B. NGO and 5 more), The 4th PANT(Pan Asia Number Theory ), Beijing, Morningside Center, China, 20110822-20110826
  • Organizer (with Sug Shin(MIT)), Theta festival (Ilju Mathematics School), POSTECH, Korea, 20110813-20110819
  • Organizer(with Winnie Li), NCTS, The 3rd Taiwan-PMI, POSTECH workshop number Theory, POSTECH, Korea 20110724-20110726
  • Organizer with J.Bruinier, J.Coates, H.Darmon, J. Park and W.Kohnen, POSTECH Winter School on Serre’s modularity conjecture, Jan 14,15(preliminary) 17-21,2011 POSTECH, Pohang 20110114-20110121
  • Organizer, Special session in Number Theory, KMS Fall meeting, POSTECH , 20101026-20101027
  • Organizer with ( J.Coates, M.Kato and B. NGO and 5 more), PANT(Pan Asia Number Theory ) Workshop -Kyoto, 20100912-20100918
  • Organizer(with Jeehoon Park and Sug Shin) Congruences on modular forms and Galois representation, Ilju Summer School, POSTECH, Pohang, 2010071920100720
  • Organizer(with Winnie Li), Taiwan-Korea workshop-Number Theory, NTCSPOSTECH, NTCS 4th Flor, National Tsing-Hua Univ., Hsinchu, Taiwan 20100705-20100706 http://www.math.cts.nthu.edu.tw/actnews/actnews.php?Sn=1044
  • Organizer, Special session on ” Algebraic geometry and Number Theory” , The first joint meeting of the Chinese Mathematical Society and the Korean Mathematical Society, Chongjing, China, 20100518-20100522
  • Organizer, Special session on ”Automorphic forms and related topics”, KMS Spring Meeting Chung-Nam University, Daejeon, Korea, 20100424-20100425
  • Organizer: The first Taiwan-POSTECH workshop-Number Theory, joint with Winnie Li, POSTECH, POSTECH BSRI 20091219-20091220, special year program in Number Theory: Speakers: Yao-Han Chen (National Chiao Tung University) Cuspidal Q-rational torsion subgroup of J(Gamma) of level p Seunghwan Chang (POSTECH) Extensions of rank one (v, Gamma)-modules and crystalline representations Bumkyu Cho (POSTECH) Primes of the form x2 +ny2 satisfying x = 1 mod N, y = 0 mod N YoungJu Choie (POSTECH) Quasi-modular forms and L-functions Kentaro Ihara (POSTECH) Derivations and Automorphisms on the algebra of noncommutative power series. Jonas Kibelbek (National Center for Theoretical Sciences and Penn State University) On Atkin-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture over number fields Subong Lim (POSTECH) Liftings of weak Maass forms Ling Lang (Iowa State University) Automorphy of Galois representations attached to noncongruence cuspforms and its applications Winnie Li (National Center for Theoretical Sciences and Penn State University) Recent developments in noncongruence modular forms Yunkyung Park (POSTECH) t- core partition identities Fu-Tsun Wei (National Tsing Hua University) Independence of Heegner points over function fields Yifan Yang (National Chiao Tung University) Monodromy of Picard Fuchs differential equations for Calabi-Yau threefolds Chia-Fu Yu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) An explicit reciprocity law arising from superspecial abelian varieties) (53) Organizer: One day Number Theory workshop, POSTECH, POSTECH BSRI 2009 special year program in Number Theory (Speakers: Seunghwan Chang(POSTECH, Korea): Bounded extensions of (phi, Gamma)-modules; Bumkyu Cho(POSTECH, Korea) : Zagier duality for vector-valued modular forms; Dohoon Choi(AirospaceUniv, Korea): Poincare series and the divisors of modular forms; Yun Seo Choi (KIAS, Korea): Combinatorial interpretation for third and sixth order mock theta functions; Amanda Folsom (U. Wisconsin) : Kac-Wakimoto characters and universal mock theta functions: a closer look; Subong Lim (POSTECH): Jacobi Integral; Christopar Mark (MPI, Germany): Integrality of Fourier coefficients of vector-valued modular forms; Sinai Robins (NTU, Singapore): Conic theta functions and what they say about polytopes; Michael Woodbury (Univ. Wisconsin): Trilinear forms and subconvexity of the triple product L-function;)
  • Chair (with YunSeo Choi) KIAS-POSTECH International workshop-Modular forms and related Topics, POSCO International Center, 20090626-20090628 (Main Speakers: Y Funke, T.Yang and W.Kohnen)
  • Organizer(Scientific Committee member, Local Organizer), PANT-Pohang, Pohang Korea, 20090108-20090110
  • Main Organizer, Kyushu-POSTECH Joint workshop-Number theory and its related topics, POSTECH, Pohang Korea 20090106
  • Co-organizer, Codes, Invariants and Modular Forms, MPI, Germany, July7-11, 2008, (YoungJu Choie, Bernhard Heim, Pieter Moree, Gabriele Nebe, Patrick Sole ) 20080707-2008071131 http://www.mpimbonn.mpg.de/Events/This+Year+and+Prospect/Codes,+Invariants+and+Modular+Forms/ Codes, Invariants and Modular Forms
  • Co-organizer (YS Choi (KIAS), JS Park(KIAS)) Summer School on Spectral Theory of Automorphic Forms (G-KMS-series-AL-08-000), POSTECH, Korea, 20080811-20080814
  • Organizer, Number Theory Special Session, KMS Spring Meeting, Kyemyung, Korea (Spring April 26 2008)
  • Organizer, Number Theory Special Session, KMS Spring Meeting, Seoul National University (Spring 2007)
  • Organizer, Number Theory Special session, KMS Fall meeting, KAIST, Korea (Fall 2007)
  • Committee Member of the 11th IMA Conference on Cryptography and Coding, Cirencester, Dec 2007”.
  • Organizing Committee (Chair) The 4th International Workshop for Korean Women in Mathematics, ”Mathematics for the 21st-century science”, POSTECH, Pohang, 20070705-20070706
  • Programm organizer, KIAS-POSTECH-SNU International Number Theory workshop: Automorphic forms and L-functions, KIAS, Seoul, Korea, 2006120720061209
  • Organizing Committee member: Modular forms and Related Topics, Philadelphia, USA, 20060109-20060110
  • Organizer: SKLOIS Conference on Information Security and Cryptology, Beijing, China, 20051215-20051217
  • Special Session Chair(Computer Algebra and Cryptography) Asian Symposium on Computer Mathematics (ASCM 2005), KIAS, Seoul, Dec 8-10, 2005
  • Organizer: KIAS-POSTECH-SNU number theory workshop, KIAS, Seoul, Korea, 20041201-20041202
  • Organize: 2004 Number Theory Camp(International Speakers), POSTECH, 20040126-20040129
  • Organizer: The first KIAS-POSTECH international workshop-Number Theorymodular form, KIAS, Seoul, Korea, 20021204-20021206
  • Organizer: Mathematics of Public Key cryptography, KIAS, Seoul, Korea, 20010625-20010628